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offers emotional support and expert advice to anyone seeking companionship or romance online.Kathy, who writes for and runs the site herself, doesn’t focus on just one aspect of senior dating, but covers everything from how to spot scammers to how to tell your adult children you’re ready to date again.

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“We are all aging whether we like it or not — so I have a whole new respect and appreciation for our aging.” People from all over the world visit in search of guidance.A majority of the audience tends to range from their late 50s to early 80s, but Kathy said there are some adult children who want to help their senior parent(s) date.“You are still full of life, and you are entitled to happiness.” She encouraged Jane to follow her heart and think about what her husband would want for her.On her blog, Kathy advises many seniors, like Jane, who write in with unique concerns and challenges — particularly in regards to online dating.Now alone in their home, Jane found solace with a widower she met online.

They talked every evening about the pain of losing someone dear to them, and while their conversation comforted her, she felt conflicted about an in-person relationship — after all, she was still a married woman.

She encourages her readers to shoot her an email, using the contact form, any time.

“Sometimes I get some really interesting letters — and some real heartbreaking ones, too,” she said.

Jane stood by him for seven years and watched, helpless, as his health deteriorated.

After the fifth stroke, when he no longer recognized his own wife, he was placed in a nursing facility because she could no longer care for him by herself.

She doesn’t publish all her correspondence with seniors, maintaining a certain level of discretion, but she always answers anyone who comes to her for help. Sometimes there are adult children involved or privacy concerns — or sometimes a health-related issue might be holding someone back from having a truly fulfilling relationship.