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Although writing occasionally on subjects of general interest, his speciality is track and field athletics.

We provide you with all the important information, valuable contacts and customized support for your expansion project. Pat Butcher is a writer, journalist, television producer and commentator, now concentrating mostly on books and blogging. All Rights Reserved - Time IPS and the Time IPS logo are registered trademarks of Time IPS, Inc. We'll watch the clock." are trademarks of Time IPS, Inc. Dein System erfüllt nicht alle Voraussetzungen, um Firefox auszuführen.Objective: Our objective was to assess the efficacy and safety of prolonged vitamin D/d for 2–5 mo, starting between January and February. Results: Baseline serum 25(OH)D was 40.7 ± 15.4 nmol/L (x̄ ± SD).

From 3 mo on, serum 25(OH)D plateaued at 68.7 ± 16.9 nmol/L in the 25-μg/d group and at 96.4 ± 14.6 nmol/L in the 100-μg/d group.

Call for Peer Reviewers Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) is a peer-reviewed open-access e-journal for scholars, researchers, teachers, and officials of English language in the Arab states.

AWEJ is committed to promoting English teaching and learning quality in the Arab World and beyond.

more41 years after Erwin Neher's and Bert Sakmann's seminal Nature paper, describing the first patch clamp recordings of ion channels, new patch clamp techniques open the doors to the functional dissection of synaptic circuits...

The International Institute of Social History (IISH) conducts advanced research on the global history of work, workers, and labour relations and to this end gathers data, which are made available to other researchers as well.

Bavaria and the Nuremberg region here are particularly important for our research and development work.