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She received further acknowledgement for her acting in the hit series Wars of In-Laws alongside co-star Bosco Wong (which was also what sparked their dating rumours).

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But as we got older, TV stopped being a thing, and we subsequently forgot about our favourite Cantonese-speaking actors. The dashing 36-year-old won TVB’s Most Improved Actor Award in 2004 with his performance in Twin of Brothers, but he only became a household name after drama series Triumph in the Skies aired.

So here’s a recap of Hong Kong stars we used to worship back in the day, but have long forgotten about. Since then, Ron has frequently been a contender for TVB’s Best Actor and Favourite TV character award.

Recently the longest scripts I have are 4 pages long, but I still NG, that's normal."Talked about producer Tong Kei Ming considers adding bed scenes to describe the two's relationship in the series but still hasn't decide whether it's 'sex first then love,' or 'love first then sex.' Myolie expressed: "The story is very realistic. But I as a female, of course it should be love first then sex." Kevin said: "It's not like males don't care, they also have to like their partners first."_____________________When you kiss someone for a minute, you both burn about 2.6 calories.

Every weekday at 10, we would camp in front of our TVs without fail, waiting for the latest TVB drama to start airing.

A person who runs for 45 at a 10mph pace burns 538 calories.

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu showed up in lawyer's robes for the blessing ceremony of new series "怒火街頭". Kevin said: "Thanks to 'Beyond The Realm of Conscience' and 'Untraceable Evidence II,' after filming these types of series, I'm improved in speaking scripts.

He expressed there's no such thing and never heard of the ban. His record company thinks Weibo can pull artiste and his/her fans closer; name of Bosco's new album is voted by fans on Weibo._____________________When you kiss someone for a minute, you both burn about 2.6 calories.

According to that math, it would take about an hour of kissing to burn 156 calories.

And it seems that they are now ready to enter the next stage of their lives.

Two days ago, Bosco's mother, who is a devout Buddhist, was spotted at a worship session that was led by a female master from Alisan, Taiwan.

After the clip went viral, netizens later exposed another one minute-long video titled “Myolie Wu Having Real Sex” that allegedly belonged to the couple, claiming that it is a “sequel” to the previous one.