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20 Log 20 Log 20 Log 20 Log 20 Log 2004 Log Dwarf Fortress started October 2002, this log was started around the same time as the "back to the dwarf game" thread.

Author's Note: Our first two stories have been well received and we thank all our readers for their comments and support.

I must have been the only girl on campus without pierced ears. I got into UCLA, which for my parents was a deep disappointment.

It was not about grades, but about extra curricular activities, I think.

So Tuesday after my last class, I caught a bus from campus and after one transfer, arrived at the location.

I had called ahead, asking about the job, and made a reservation for an interview.

Throughout the treat at Starbucks, my mind was back at the bookstore.

I had already agreed to let him walk me close to home, certainly not home, and I was calculating if I could pretend to depart towards my house and then double back.

But what really startled me was that she had a collar around her neck, and a long metal chain trailing behind her.

I could not stop at that moment, nor draw attention to myself and let Jeremy know what had caused me to stumble.

I almost stumbled, trying to hide my surprise and shock.

On the cover was a picture, actually art, of a girl, nearly naked, kneeling on the ground.

I was too short at 5'4" to be a real model, but if I could somehow have a secret part time job, with the guarantee that my face would not be shown completely, well, that would be the best of all worlds.