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We may not know for a while which event drew larger crowds.Since the National Park Service no longer provides estimates (more on that later), official numbers must be sourced ad hoc from a variety of local DC agencies and federal agencies.

Some 5,000 suffragettes and supporters of women’s rights marched on Washington to advocate for equal voting rights for women.

Throughout the 1960s there were many anti-Vietnam marches on Washington calling for the end of the Vietnam War, but the largest of these protests was held in November 1969, drawing at least 600,000 people.

Ellis claimed she struck up a friendship with Gotham and Forbes via an internet chatroom in 2012 where they had all expressed an interest in child pornography.

So on several occasions between late 2012 and early 2013 - Gotham and Forbes would livestream themselves sexually assaulting a child via webcam through a video-calling app, with Ellis watching on the receiving end.

But it also showed just how different crowd estimates can be.

The Nation of Islam sharply disputed the National Park Service’s crowd estimate of only 400,000, prompting the agency to stop officially counting crowds at large events on the Mall.

The Women’s March began with a post on Facebook that went viral, drawing together a broad array of women and men of all backgrounds around the idea of demonstrating the day after Trump’s inauguration.

The road to the march hasn’t been without setbacks, however — ranging from chaotic communication to criticism that it wasn’t taking diversity and inclusiveness seriously, or was taking it seriously.

The evidence given by the convicted paedophile Ellis was the key to this trial, according to the Crown Prosecution Service.

She would appear via video-link from the US, to address the jury in Plymouth Crown court.

Was this 1969 anti-Vietnam protest the largest in our nation’s capital? But the Million Man March held in 1995 is also thought to have attracted anywhere from at least 600,000 people to just over 1 million.