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It had a big scratch on the door and tape marks on it. Is that if you are driving in Kansas,you should get a heavier car. They had a pikepass box in the car but was not mentioned should have been turned off for new users and then show them how to turn it on if they prefer to use it.The strong winds pushed that little car around quite a bit, making me think there was something wrong with the suspension, but no, it was just the wind... Also, they allowed me to book s rental for a van, then on the morning I came to pick it up they told me you had to be 25 to rent a van. Not sure what the fees are going to be since I went through 2 stops before the lady showed what to do.He was working as fast as he could and was pleasant and clearly experienced. Upon check in, the attendant was happy to bump us up to a slightly larger vehicle for no additional cost.

I had to pull over and dump water from a bottle onto the windshield to be able to see.Finally I messed with the fluid lines under the hood enough that I started getting a little out.It was very nice having the cars right at the airport rather than needing to be transported to an off site location! When I added some insurance and prepaid the fuel, they levied a whole bunch of taxes and fees and it added 5 to the rental.Maybe all car rental places do this kind of stuff but, wow, was I disappointed with how much they charged. Customer service was very rude and impatient as well. Was a okay ride but the DVD player was not working correctly without the remote that they do not give you because they do not want you to lose it.Dollar could not accommodate me and I had to hire a taxi which cost .00.

In receiving my rental on the 6th I was issued a compact. We tried calling the local counter but naturally went to voice mail.

Recommendation: Don't out source to foreign countries that can't speak the English language. I went to parking lot found an attendant and he went to the back room to locate someone.

When the person showed up she tried to say she was busy but every excuse she put forth was quickly proven false. The agency next to Budget said just leave the keys and paperwork. There was only one employee there, and a long line of renters. We rented the smallest size they had to offer because we didn't need much and we like to be frugle.

An associate was waiting in the garage when I pulled up, she scanned the barcode, checked the fuel level and printed me a receipt on the spot. The first car was dirty and had an issue with the left back wheel that made it unsafe to drive so we had to turn around and come back. A woman who ID herself as "Cee" advised, I would be issued a midsize vehicle. I told her the reservation was from 5th April to 17th.

The person behind the counter was neither surprised not helpful and gave us another car that was only incrementally better. When I arrived my reservation was for the 6th April to the 17th.

We were supposed to have a chevy cruze or similar and were given a hyundai which was a lower price which we ended up paying more for the car we were trying to avoid.