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Throughout 2005-2008, Naturi Naughton played in the Tony Award winning musical called Hairspray as Little Inez.

Since then, the door in acting field of the entertainment arena opened for her.

He, too, wants to be his best self as a husband, father and entrepreneur, but not necessarily in that order.If his better half has her way, though, there won’t be any changes.Patrick emerges from the shadows on the new Starz drama , it's obvious his stakes are much higher."In a word—complex," Hardwick begins when describing Ghost, a drug dealer turned king-pin intent on cleansing his money as he cashes out.But to see the successful career she’s carved out for herself along the way is nothing short of impressive.

Although, we are still grateful that found a way to remind us of that incredible voice she’s got during a karaoke scene this season.

Their fame began to flourish all over the world making the group to go on tours for their performance. Whilst working for fame, a musical drama, she has given her voice in five soundtracks which was released in 2009.

Along with her singing career, she had carried her acting work as well.

She’s been supportive and sexy, stern and silly, and a character we can (almost) always root for.

The Starz drama has been (literally) killing it this season, and there’s a Woman Crush Wednesday we just have to honor. Patrick, Naturi Naughton has had her most incredible season yet.

Says Naturi Naughton of the gangster’s wife she portrays: “Tasha would much rather stay on the dark side, where she has more control.” Or so the character thinks.