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Olive Training is small, modern flexible and innovative in its approach – based in rural Wiltshire in surroundings that are conducive to learning.It offers training that reflects what is happening in the industry which tailors programmes to individual needs and matches the learner’s career plans.Using material from two years of fieldwork and more than 140 interviews with students, faculty, administrators, and alumnae at the pseudonymous Linden College, Lee adds depth to our understanding of inequality in higher education.

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This cost of mobility is well articulated in Lee's book, which should be essential reading for sociologists studying classed experiences and education scholars interested in the mechanisms of attending elite colleges.

Methodologists will enjoy the use of diverse methodological approaches.

Initially her background was in Dance, Sports and Fitness and she ran a successful dance and fitness academy teaching all ages when she decided to offer beauty and complementary therapies to her customers.

She moved quickly into this new sector as she could see many overlaps which complimented her clients.

The fact that such students face classism and social obstacles at elite college has rarely been illuminated as well as it is in reader can tell that she reflects their sentiments accurately.

The longitudinal aspect, reinterviewing informants several years after graduation, is especially impressive.

Learn scientific survival skills and even take some experiments to the playground!

Liz has spent over 30 years in the health and beauty industry sector, 15 years of that heading up hair and beauty departments within the further education sector.

Using qualitative data based on interviews and drawn from ethnographic observation, Elizabeth M.

Lee explores the inequalities that exist within the campus community at an elite women's college, suggesting that class tensions have deleterious consequences on lower-income students and potentially undermine the mission of elite education.

With a lean marketing budget she saw the potential of social media and spent the early quiet months of her business making great efforts to build an online presence engaging with others.