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Step aside Liam was just 14 years old when he first met Cheryl, then aged 25 and married to Ashley Cole.Even though he slipped her a cheeky wink during his 2008 audition, nobody read too much into it – but clearly, his persistence paid off many, many years down the line.After a few gruelling months of getting steadily stabbed with a tiny needle I am finally done and my arm has completely healed.

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Despite the huge success of Leona Lewis, the signs aren't particularly encouraging for any X-Factor contestant looking for career longevity.Leon Jackson and Same Difference were dropped within weeks of their debut albums' release, Steve Brookstein, Ben Mills, and Journey South have faded back into obscurity, and only Rhydian and Shayne Ward still have their record deals intact.But unspeakably bad as it is, at least it's an original track, indeed, the only one featured here.Predictably, the bulk of the album is made up of tracks performed on The X-Factor, including a pointless rendition of "We're All in This Together" and a misguided attempt at ABBA's "Does Your Mother Know." The bad karaoke continues on a cover of Michael Bublé's "Home," a saccharine version of Michael Jackson's "Ben," and bizarrely, a rather random album track from '90s boy band A1.But with the complete lack of confidence invested in this album, it's highly unlikely that he'll still be one by the end of next semester.

(not to mention a disastrous solo album offering early 2009) he's otherwise been absent from the music scene. we were delighted to stumble upon his Instagram account – a platform on which he boasts some 6,000 followers.

may be another series packed with Honey G-inspired horrors despite Sharon Osbourne promising this year will be different? It's the tornado of drama that's guaranteed to come with it.

But then we remembered, it isn't just the incredibly cheesy (and sometimes awful) music that makes Simon Cowell's long-running series one of the most watched shows on TV.

On our penultimate day in Eire, the Wiwi Jury – our in-house panel of music unprofessionals – headed north of the border, to visit Eoghan Quigg’s home county of Derry and review his Eurosong entry “The Movie Song”.

Is Eoghan on the verge of Euro-Oscar glory, or is he set for a load of Euro-Razzies?

By the looks of it he's also bagged himself a super hot girlfriend.