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There are so many things that define who I am other than being gay.

While I'm not really here every day to save lives, I am here to be an example of someone who's OK with himself.

I'd love to have a one-on-one interview show; I think I'd be pretty good at that. Whatever I do on TV has to be an extension of that. There's a project we're working on with Dr.

Oz called "In Search of Happy," where I'd be asking artists what they do, when they're out on the road or in the studio, when they need to pull back and de-stress a little bit.

When I got out of a relationship, I realized I had an opportunity to talk about my private life on the air because I thought it could be relatable.

I was blown away by the fact that my being gay was, and still is, a nonissue.

Fresh from hosting the i Heart Radio Music Festival, held in Las Vegas in September, Duran talked about his surgery, his place as a gay media personality, the tricks to keeping his morning show fresh after two decades and how he deals with all those superstars.

Says Duran: "I'm still learning how to be a good interviewer."How did you feel about the attention paid to your weight loss?

It's a mid-September day at WHTZ (Z100) New York, the flagship pop-radio powerhouse of i Heart Media, and Calvin Harris is maneuvering his 6-foot-6-inch frame into the studio of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show, where the host, standing a full head shorter than his guest, gives Harris an enthusiastic bro hug."Look at you! " jokes Duran, introducing the superstar DJ to his co-hosts, Bethany Watson and Danielle Monaro, and to his "killer dog, Max [a miniature schnauzer], in case we have any security problems."For the 52-year-old Duran, who has been on the airwaves since he was a 14-year-old rookie announcer at KMMK Mc Kinney, Texas, the encounter is another chance to give one of today's hottest artists -- who make Duran's Morning Show an essential promotional stop -- the perfect radio podium without any potentially uncomfortable subjects, such as Harris' much-publicized breakup with Taylor Swift.

The easy rapport between the two helps explain why the morning program has become a habit for 10 million listeners in more than 80 markets (according to i Heart Media), and why Duran has been behind the breakfast-hour microphone at Z100 for an incredible 20 years.

[Poleman is now president of national programming platforms for i Heart Media.]Why are artists so comfortable on Elvis Duran and the Morning Show?

It's pretty simple: Artists love to talk about the passion they have within them that makes this music come out.

The native Texan, who does not reveal his birth name, retains no accent from his Lone Star State youth.