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Max Black's gigantic dick is about as big as this week's whore -- Lil' Miss Kitty. Kitty loved every second of did did Max. The timid Japanese masseuse eventually forgoes the massage in favor for some fun time with the black couple.

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She shoves his ebony spear deep in her dripping pussy, then buries her face between his ass cheeks as her tongue gives him a deep colonoscopy!

Then she kneels for her meal as he fires a huge one-gun salute into the back of her mouth.

I almost fainted from the shock of that so I had Tone Capone come over and show her what she's been missing.

One American Whore and one Asian Whore being brought together by a huge throbbing black cock.

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I heard she might be pregnant with a black baby since that black creampie is always on target!

And at the end, she gets a yummy treat spoon fed to her. It was facial, though, and so she gets -1 for that. XOXO -- Ruthie Moe and Chanell are on a couple's vacation.

thegho****: More ASians Add Your Comments Ruth Kitty - Rating: 8.81You know what's funny about this week's update? What better way for two lovebirds to relax than by having a deep tissue massage by the talented hands of a sexy Japanese woman? Moe and Chanell discover that the language barrier with Marica is harder than the black cock Moe carries around 24/7.

Finesse As this scene opens, we find Filipino black cock slut Finesse, already branded by a Sharpie and waiting to get to the other Sharpie that the brutha is carrying in his pants.

He whips it out, and she starts feasting on those ebony inches. My pal Gianna takes a turn this time, and just to *prove* to her that black dick is bigger than white dick, I brought a science book to the set.

blackc****: love watchin the married bitches with black dick shes hot bring her back in a gang bang gcomin****: Beautiful woman. Add Your Comments Wife Nautica Thorn - Rating: 8.48Nautica Thorn Nautica is one of those exotic looking beauties that looks like she is just the right mix of Asian, White, and maybe Polynesian?