What to do if your computer is stuck updating

So, this morning, I ran Windows Update, went to school and when I came back home a few minutes ago, I found it stuck at Getting Windows ready, Don't turn off your computer... I tried running System Restore and Startup Repair from a Windows Flash Drive, but both fail and give an error.

I tried unplugging my PC, but I couldn't get Boot Options screen.

Any manufacturer can make a smartphone or tablet, throw Android on it, and release it.

While there have been six i Phones released since 2007, over 800 different models of Android phones have been released in the same period of time.

Android phones use a wide variety of different hardware.

Some phones are made to be super-cheap, available free on contract or for inexpensive purchase by people in developing countries.

In some cases, the custom software is incompatible.

For example, Samsung never updated the original Galaxy S to Android 4.0 – Samsung said that the phone did not have enough RAM to run Touch Wiz and Android 4.0 at the same time.

Is there any way to bypass Windows Update or to enter Safe Mode?

Windows Mac Community Q&A Rotating your computer's display allows you to view your monitor in portrait mode, or flip it upside down.

New Android users are often disappointed to discover that their shiny new smartphone won’t get any updates – or worse, that it was running old software from the moment they bought it.

Unlike Apple’s ecosystem, where Apple releases a single i Phone each generation, Android is a much more open (and messy) environment.

To make Android work on their hardware, device manufacturers must write Android device drives for their hardware.