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Amme: To an machine is indeed arbitrary two too rant to the world. She does not write poetry or easily offer profound statements about language, art, the world, or realism — all topics Stolterfoht raises. Or completely negate or bleed out the context.” Khan suggested that what makes these moments fruitful for humans, and poets especially, is that, “I am forced to imagine what a world without any of the frameworks or contexts I have would even look like, which is what I think the best experimental poetry can do.Instead, she operates on a purely syntactical level, using inquiry as a means to push the conversation further. Stolterfoht: Above all: that is has a character [Art]! (Concerning th decenscy.)Stolterfoht: A kind of [Art] of Marthametaphor. It defamiliarizes your context and pushes you completely out of what is known.”Amme treads heavily in the unknown realms of language, forcing the reader to reflect on our own use of language.

This, perhaps, makes me unlikely to be interested in artificial intelligence.

But, inspired by conceptual poetry, I decided it was worth exploring.

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Her goal is only to continue a successful conversation; meaning is only secondary to that.“We wanted it to be something enjoyable to read, like poetry,” explained Lucy Ives, one of the book’s editors, during the book launch at Triple Canopy with writers Nora Khan and Alexandra Kleeman. Stolterfoht asks, “Can one say then, that words have a reality, in the proper sense of the word?

But the difficulty of Amme’s exchanges is what makes her most useful to poets, particularly for conceptual ones. That seems strange to me.” Amme’s response, “This talk conceals the real. Stolterfoht: Language would be the final authority. Stolterfoht’s suggestion of a pure, authoritative language does not account for Dittmer’s editorial role in selecting and constructing Amme’s prose, since he ultimately built her vocabulary.

While current Genee users will no longer have their reminders and schedule sent to them, any entries the program has already put into their calendar will still continue to exist.

It's still a mystery exactly how Genee will augment the Office 365 experience, we can't help but think the startup might wind up working on Microsoft Bookings - Microsoft's own scheduling service that the company rolled out just last month.

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Fourteen years later, Triple Canopy has gathered translated transcripts of their conversations (Amme only speaks German) into a book, . Stolterfoht: Our talk is meant to help me clear up a number of things. Stolterfoht: Fact: is already the first auxiliary construction. At the launch, both Kleeman and Khan highlighted the passages in which Amme demonstrates more personality and sass as the most successful and interesting.