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They're a couple that may want to live 100% organic, and may have an interest in gardening.

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You both enjoy talking, analyzing and dissecting everything, and I pity your poor neighbours (it's called gossip around here, but there is nothing wrong with it, as long as you remember that nobody is perfect).As sunsigns governed by Mercury, the quick silver and the Gods' public crier, it's obvious that your mind always works and you always have something to do, especially at work. Because this is where work lands: between you two, drifting you apart and leaving you no time for something else.Virgo's dark side is the tendency to be the constant critic, which actually comes from a gift -- the ability to see what needs changing.The Virgo-Virgo couple will need to cultivate acceptance for who they are at any given moment.But only another Virgo understands what it takes to stay 'pure' and what drives the Virgin to stay "whole unto themselves." This can be a perfect love, as long as the Virgin realizes that perfecting the self in love, is a worthy direction, but not a destination.

Sun Virgos together activate the desire for perfection, and that can become a busy, edgy preoccupation.Both need lots of solitude to find wholeness again, and that's another key to making the relationship work.Virgo is ruled by Mercury - that's why they're so mercurial.They come alive with mind food, and challenges to the intellect.You'll learn a lot about your Virgo by finding out their Mercury Sign. Your relation can be interesting and exciting as long as the two perfectionists of the zodiac refrain from finding flaws and criticizing all the time (it's for the good of the other, we know that, but still...).