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I found a number of sites that let you sync You Tube playback among friends.All of the sites I found were free, but I wanted them to be well-designed and easy to use.

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That is, I wanted them to be free of registration demands and if not ad-free then at least not overrun with ads.

In the end, I found three I liked best: Let's Gaze, My and Share Tube. When you arrive at Let's Gaze, you are presented with a simple, elegant design.

But if you are willing to put up with the ads, you'll be able to share not only You Tube videos but also content from Daily Motion, Vimeo and Sound Cloud.

To get started with My, enter a URL from one of the above sites and then invite others via Facebook, Twitter or email to join your "room." You can also share the room code, which your friends can use to join a room from the My homepage.

We give you Tourist Tube™, a unique platform of appealing colors and original technology specially designed with a wide range of exclusive high end features.

And get a huge space to store your pictures and videos And share them with your trusted groups Text or Video chat with your friends in real time, anywhere Express your trip best moments with TT Journal Get recommendations from your trusted contacts and from experts on best trips with TT Planner Tell your side of the story and comment on news with TT Echoes Choose places for everyday going out with TT Discover and share you appreciations of restaurants, hotels, and venues you visited with Reviews and Ratings Tourist Tube™ brims with excellent content on global tourism sites and live scenes (TT Live) and brings together a worldwide community of tourists and related businesses (take a look at our TT Channels).You can send your invitation via Facebook or email or can copy and paste it and send it anyway you'd like.Once your friend opens the link, you'll then be able to paste in a You Tube URL to begin playing a video.You will then need to choose a user name for chatting purposes, but you don't need to register with an email or anything.With your room set up, you can then enter a You Tube URL to begin watching a video or search You Tube to find a video. Instead, you can copy and paste the URL from your browser and send it to your friends.If you choose to open a local file with Let's Gaze, both users will need to have a local copy of the video.