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was with a group of them in the tavern of the King's Way Hotel, St. The 50 were narrowed down by the judges after balloting, to the 6 pairs pictured here. Then comes Sonja Henie, Rich- ard Greene and Harry Losee — with Sonja happy over the pups given her by Harry in honor of her birthday . Half-a-dozen men scurried about, adjusting the lights and shades. The set represented a decrepit Algerian interior, the walls By LEON SURMELIAN NEWEST CONTINENTAL CHARMER TO DAZZLE HOLLYWOOD AND YOU IS VIENNA'S HEDY LAMARR.

t m FAWCETT'S BREEZY POINT LODGE- PEQUOT- MINNESOTA ©C1B 382356 .11 IN. I Incorporating LAURENCE REID Editor AUGUST, 1938 Twenty-seventh Year Hollywood Holidays! Advertising forms close the l&th of the third month preceding date of issue. FAWCETT President ROGER FAWCETT Secretary-Treasurer MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION THE TALKIE TOWS HERE ARE THE LATEST INSIDE ANSWERS TO HOLLYWOOD'S ROMANCES, WEDDINGS, SPATS, DIVORCES AND BLESSED EVENTS BY HARRY LANG THAT interlocutory decree between Steffi Duna and John Carroll was just a scrap of paper. With several months still to go to make it final, Steffi and John got together in the Brown Derby and talked and talked and talked. John's prop was the wedding ring he was shoving at Steffi's finger. who flits with this one and that one and ties himself up with no one . OE COURSE it is too late, now, to obtain accommodations for Tour No. The three Tours start out from Chicago on itineraries exactly the same and for the same price. 2 leaves Chicago July 24, and reaches Hollywood July 31. 3 leaves Chicago August 14, and arrives in Hollywood on August 21. Many of his actor and actress friends will be there to help make this party a memorable one. 2, when they arrive July 31, will likewise be given a chance to motor through the districts where the film notables' homes are located and at five o'clock in the afternoon of the same day w ill gather at the Harold Lloyd home where have been invited by the world-famous star to attend a cocktail party which he will give in their honor. 3, arriving in Hollywood on August 21, v ill also be taken on a trip through the residential districts and climax the motor journey with a cocktail party given in their honor by Bob Burns at his home. After the cocktail parties members of each Tour, as special guests of Warner Brothers Radio Studio, will have an opportunity of listening to a half-hour radio show sponsored by Woodbury Cream. I'd wanted to be an actor ever since I'd won an amateur night prize as Charlie Chaplin. The business called for the cooperation of the straight man in the company, and I suggested that we run through it together. Gwen Kenyon, cooling from Buddy Westmore, warm- ing with John Howard who's cooling from Kay Griffth, and isn't Hollywood confusing? And just when the know it- alls are positive it's a rekindling, George confuses them again by going for Nancy Torres in a big way. And just wait till the swell Swede, Garbo herself, gets back in the picture . CUPID'S CO Judith Bar rett ami newsman Land i UPIIVS COUPLET \ J Laird All her other hoy friends have been frigidaired. latest to spend a pleasant nivening with him was Marjorie Weaver but take Davie's word for Pat (Honey Chile) Wilder has Bert Lahr's eyes but Mildred (Honey Bunch) Schroeder has his arm at supper party 1 l&jfl f o^^ »C&^ — 1 ■P«l r * m\ ^^■TLJ ■t*- III- m WT*~- ■ ■' \ ^ Ken Murray and Mary Brian (yes, they're that way), June Collyer and Stu Erwin make a foursome at Beverly-Wilshire it: "All women are SOoooooo charming in their different ways that they bewilder me, so rather than make a mistake, I think I'll remain a bachelor ! A true, thrilling day-to-day close-up view of the studios and the stars that never will be forgotten. 3 still offer opportunities for those who wish to avail themselves of a chance to spend their summer vacations in a manner ENTIRELY DIFFERENT! To prove it here's some of the good things in store for Movieland Tourists: Sunday afternoon — a motor trip through the palatial residential districts where the screen celebrities live. 1 will be the guests at a cocktail party given by Warren William, the famous star, at his home. But I kind o' got in the way hanging around the house, so I made up my mind to yield to a suppressed de- sire. So then when the chatterers have decided it's romance between George and Olivia, George again switches the num- bers and steps out with Loretta Young, an old-time flame. And anyway, who's the gal in New York whom George phones to so often? Since the beginning of produc- tion on it, four of the Albertina Rasch girls who worked in it have been mar- ried: Lynn Bayley, Mimi Dawn, Mary Manners, Loy Tilden. Book COPYRIGHT DEPOSIT Scanned from the collections of The Library of Congress AUDIO-VISUAL CONSERVATION at The LIBRARY ^CONGRESS Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation gov/avconservation Motion Picture and Television Reading Room gov/rr/mopic Recorded Sound Reference Center gov/rr/record THIS ISSUE: BETTE DAVIS, JIMMIE FIDLER, PAUL MUNI View of thf mcjn lodge and one "* of many cabins YOUR VACATION ... There has been talk that Bob Taylor couldn't take it because he hadn't roughed it through life... In the September MOTION PICTURE you have the answer., .which proves that Bob CAN TAKE IT. This revealing article is but one of many that includes stories about Claudette Colbert, Ruby Keeler, Pat O'Brien, Fred Astaire .. To say nothing of the newest candid art of the stars. Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Louisvil/c, Ky., under tiie act of March 3, 1S79. Les Parker's orchestra will provide the music, George Mc Call, the well-known radio com- mentator and intimate friend of scores of screen celebrities, will be on hand as master of ceremonies. Maybe, after a while, she can marry the man she loves. auicmss Anti-Drying CLEANSING PADS Introducing Hose Guaranteed 4 to 8 Months EARNINGS START AT ONCEI Brand new Ford given _ dncers. Guaranteed to wear from 4 to 8 months without holes, snags or runs or replaced FREE. Grace Wilber, Iowa, earned .10 in 9 hours and rec« 8 Dew cars; Charles Mills, Minn. Rush name on penny card) " r sample tmtj U.detai U. Get this help in guarding against skin-blotching intestinal poisons Are ugly skin eruptions spoiling your good times . Millions of tiny, live plants in each cake of this fresh food act to help keep intestinal waste poisons from the blood and so help your broken-out skin. IN A hurry to take the marital plunge again were the only-just-divorced Humphrey Bogart and Mary Phillips. Although music-pub- lisher Gus Schirmer isn't by any means out of the picture. Chic's Hollywood Fashion Tips 9 When You're Hot, Iced Tea Is Not! Christine Frederick 15 Sidney- — For Summer Time Denise Caine 17 Informally Yours (Fashions) 38 AL ALLARD Art Director JOHN SCHWARZKOPF Western Editor CHARLES RHODES Staff Photographer CAN TAYLOR TAKE IT...? Not forgetting the liveliest and the snappiest gossip of the Hollywood country. Executive and Editorial Offices, Paramount Building, 1501 Broadtvay, New York Citv, N. Hollxwood Editorial Offices, 6331 Hollywood Blvd., Holly- wood, Calif. Reprinting in whole or in part forbidden except by permission of the publishers. And then comes the grand climax — a huge supper dance at the Wilshire Bowl, one of the favorite nightspots of the stars. Now, if moviegoers only like Susie as she likes Susie — well, maybe Marie can have a private-life break. 9-L, Greenfield, Ohio j L NO FRIENDS SINCE PI MPLES CAM E? Between the ages of 13 and 25, or even longer, important gland changes often upset the system. Waste poisons from the intestinal tract may get into the blood stream . Many have been helped by the regular use of Fleischmann's Yeast. Johnneeeee's trying to de- cide between Patricia Wilder and Ann Wigton. Emerald fairways await you., .shining expanses of flawless beach... 12 Future Favorites: Anthony Averill 13 Prize Letters 18 The Talk of Hollywood 44 Mile. Motion Picture is published monthly by Fawcett Publications, Inc., at Louisville, Ky. Mementoes of this occasion will be given each member. In other ways, also, Marie gets her first big screen break in this hilarious Hollywood satire. Find out what the trouble may be — and take steps to help it. and be carried to the skin to cause disfiguring pimples. Jack Oakie and Venita Varden will be divorced after a marriage of two years LUPE'S new tarzan is Henry Wil- coxon.

There is still time for you to enjoy the matchless pleasures of Breezy Point. (Freddie Bartholomew) Gladys Hall 26 Muni Knows All The Right Answers Dan Camp 28 The Phenomenon Named Fidler James Reid 30 Getfng H Off His (Hope) Chest E. Smithson 50 Norma Shearer 19 Ginger Rogers 20 Our Own News Camera 21 Sand Witches 34 Loretta Young 37 James Cagney — Marie Wilson 42 Fred Mac Murray — Ray Milland 49 The Talkie Town Tattler Harry Lang 6 Picture Parade :. Next on the list of "things to do" is an inspection trip through the famous Max Factor Make-up Studio. MARIE TELLS IT HERE AS SUSIE in Boy Meets Girl, Marie Wilson is kissed for the first time on any screen. Edna's been living in England, and is on the verge of giving "Bart" his freedom. CUPID'S COUPLET: Jack Otterson and Bob Abbott— Both of 'em have the Margaret Lindsay habit. At left are Martha Raye and her Dave Rose, who'll soon marry, and Lupe Velez and her new tarzan, Henry Wilcoxon This bit of domestic bliss has gone by-by.

IT I^hot nece^ajy, however, that you identify the persons whose legs are pictured on these pages. Simone Simon about to put on the feed-bag at the Clover Club . " and Bickford is admitting he couldn't do a better job himself, which is something for Charlie, and the head wait- ress elbows in and pushes stars around to look at the babies' faces and five or eight press-agents clamor for the pictures and Pat just sits there like a Hibernian Cheshire cat and grins all over, inside as well as out, you'd swear. I'm a good Dutchman, 'way back in the family somewhere, and what I don't know [Continued on page 56] EDY GOES TO YOUR HEAD SHE lay back on the couch, a willowy, dark beauty, wearing a purple dressing-gown that brought out the lovely perfections of her languid figure. I want a glamor shot." And as she assumed the required pose and expression, the photographer shouted joyously, "That's it! Hold it I" The big camera clicked, repeatedly, capturing another supreme moment in the cinematic love of two aureoled hot shots. Boyer said something to Miss Lamarr, and she laughed.

Although you do not know the names of t | owners Bf these legs you may be able to figure lames of these individuals are also hidden to above. Claire Trevor is gushing about how "PERfectly a DORable they SIMply ARE! He pro- nounces it "shawn" which makes a sap out of me.

ndoubtedly you have leticed those attractive pictures as lished on these pages. Priscilla Lane and Irish setter in deep revery CAMERA HERE HOLLYWOOD STARS A \ «*r -• Below and around, clockwise, are Katie Hepburn, who waives formalities to hold up her tired "dogs," talks things over with Director George Cukor . If ever I saw a man screwy about his kids, it's Pat O'Brien about those two.

Select the one player whose legs you prefer above the other 9 on your list, and tell why you prefer ■Fni, in 15 words or less* Now for the balloting which has no bearing on whether you prize or not except that each coupon must contain a vote r the best looking pair qjlegs as pictured on these pages. And like us kiddies, Wayne Morris takes to water wings to master the Hollywood crawl . Once married to William Powell, Carole may wed again shortly. Top-ranking Clark Gable 3C 35 on PAL HARRY LANG PAT O'BRIEN IS EVERYBODY'S BEST PAL ALL HE ASKS IS TO HAVE YOU LIKE HIM. BUT DON'T TREAT HIM LIKE A MOVIE STAR OR BIG SHOTI IT'S a Friday — and here's Pat O'Brien, sitting across the table from me, and he orders a STEAK . Too many things get in the way, like Bickford and Claire Trevor and everybody else in the place. When Pat goes to work talking about his family he just drops everything.

Here's something to remember while you're deciding whether or not to avail yourselves of this DIFFERENT summer vacation. When you buy your train-ticket for your two-weeks on wheels, you've paid for every- thing — car-fare-stop-Overs-and-parties. A bath only takes care of past perspira- tion, but Mum prevents odor to come. Mum is soothing to the skin— you can use it right after shaving. To be a girl men ask for dates, a girl who wins and holds romance, always use Mum! They say her first American picture "The Rage of Paris" is to be a smash hit. Now that girl has met man they'll be meeting the parson story, you will also know everything im- portant about the blonde, but far-from- dizzy Wilson girl, who is — decidedly— something different in stars-to-be. quickies are downy-soft circles of special cloth that come to you all ready saturated with a marvel- ous cleansing and freshening lotion! I've been razzed about it ever since, and presume I always shall be. We'd all been working very hard, and on opening night before curtain time Mr. Believe it or not I was as cool as a wife's greeting to a stay-out husband. "Lysol" keeps its full strength no matter how long it is kept, how often it is uncorked. — and what's behind all these rumors that the Tony Martins (she's Alice Faye, you remember) are on the verge of corroborating all the predic- tions that it wouldn't last?