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More than 18,400 people had been reported missing in New York City in the first five months of 2003; most turned out to be runaways. Finally a pair of New York City detectives discovered that Maria had been undergoing treatment for an unsightly mouth condition called “black tongue.” The Friday before her disappearance, she had canceled an appointment with a Manhattan laser specialist who was treating her. Not for several months, until that December, did an investigator speak with Faiello’s longtime companion, a 43-year-old Manhattan designer named Greg Bach.

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Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the Beast Master?Have you always wanted to be tied up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural's Winchester brothers?The Faiello case highlights what many in the profession regard as lax regulations on exactly who can do what; even the comparatively minor procedures that were Faiello’s specialty—removing body hair and tattoos—can be dangerous when performed by untrained hands.New York is one of several states that don’t require all laser technicians to be doctors, and the state has been less than aggressive in cracking down on people such as Faiello who cross the line from hair removal to minor surgery.See also: But We Used a Condom, Law of Inverse Fertility, Surprise Pregnancy.

How did Maria Cruz, a 35-year-old analyst for Barclays Capital who vanished on April 13, 2003, end up buried beneath a concrete slab at an old mansion in Newark, New Jersey?It was there, beneath the concrete Faiello had laid in the storage room at the back of the garage, that on February 18 police found Maria Cruz’s decomposing body stuffed in a suitcase wrapped with garbage bags.An arrest warrant was issued, but Dean Faiello was gone.Worried, Christensen called Maria’s contact number, belonging to an aunt in New Jersey.In turn, the aunt alerted her three sons, two of whom lived in Queens. Turned away by the building manager, they returned with a couple of police-women and gained entry to Apartment 14A.The reporter was on the ground in Central America five days before American investigators.