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I especially enjoy the way she writes her characters interacting with one another – well done and interesting.I am not going to go into detail as to what the story is – there is a more than adequate description of the book.

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One never knows where or when lightning will strike! Cayden Tiernan has lived in a small village with his twin sister Avery, far away from an evil Queen who is scouring the land for the one person with the power to depose her, the one person who can foil the plans of an even darker force that threatens to plunge their land into darkness. A guy doing what he must to survive against incredible odds, unaware that fate has a particularly interesting surprise for him. This book is likely intended for a younger adult audience (I qualify for half of that description)!

While magic and sorcery did have a part to play in the plot, I like that the story didn’t use it as a crutch. When I was offered a copy of this to read with a possibility of reviewing it, I accepted, as I often find writers that I like from this that I would not learn about until later, if at all. Some of the things are a bit more convenient than I find believable, but only a bit.

The plot rattles along nicely, with a number of neat, well-timed revelations as we learn more and more about the twins — the two central characters.

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While Seer did not win or even place, I think it was a very close thing. With regards to your submission for the 2016 Book Pipeline Competition, below is the internal feedback from our judges, commenting primarily on the entry’s film or TV potential. Although the notes are relatively brief, we trust this will help give you a bit of insight into our process. The vivid exposition and intrigue, engaging plot design and heightened stakes all exposed in the opening chapter acted as clear evidence to the writer’s skillful abilities in the fantasy genre.

This narrative felt as though it had the potential to reach the heights of an epic fantasy series like LORD OF THE RINGS while at the same time adding something new and fresh in the midst of familiar tones and fantasy elements.

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