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Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Maria R.

A first step is to go to – your one stop shop for pay and personnel information.

Awards sent to selection boards are now placed in the Official Military Personnel File as long as they have been entered in Navy Department Award Web Services.

Know how to make corrections and who to call if you have a question.

The Official Military Personnel File is your official record and available for your review via . Navy photo by Senior Chief Mass Communication Specialist Maria R. The Electronic Service Record is used by personnel support detachments and personnel offices and is not a permanent record once a member separates or retires.

Information in this record affects every aspect of your career. Data entered in the Electronic Service Record may be used to produce documents for submission into the Official Military Personnel File, but not all data in the Electronic Service Record is required to be entered in the Official Military Personnel File, like e-leave and PCS travel.

Commands are required to report their Physical Fitness Assessment data via PRIMS no later than 30 days after conducting the PFA.

Sailors need to verify their data within 60 days so that any corrections can be made by the command fitness leader at the command level. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Peter Merrill/Released).

The Physical Readiness Information Management System is the Navy’s official source for Sailors’ Physical Fitness Assessment data.

PRIMS data also is verified against selection board and promotion board results at Navy Personnel Command.

It is critical for career progression, and supports your entitlement to pay, allowances and benefits. It is your career, so be proactive and take all necessary actions to verify personnel record accuracy at least once a year, and when significant changes happen in your personal or professional life. Castellanos, right, works with Personnel Specialist 3rd Class Mukarram Hossain, manpower clerk at Navy Operational Support Center Fort Worth, as they review Castellano’s Electronic Service Record data in the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System, June 12, 2010. The Official Military Personnel File is the Navy’s permanent record of an individual’s naval service.