pookitou20162 datingpod org Updating m33 firmware

e832e64 : Change 64 bit Art Method fields to be pointer sized a8d6729 : Fix ordering of fields with the same name. ab1953f : Don't call Add Image Strings To Table or Move Image Classes To Class Table if running imageless 23c1d0c : Combine image string char arrays into single array d3f2280 : Enable the hspace compaction on OOM by default.b34674d : Fix ordering of fields with the same name. 8c41753 : Fix reference leaks in To Reflected Method and To Reflected Field 85448d4 : ART: Compiled-classes list for compiler-driver a477bbb : Bump oat version.20e11a7 : Add missing thread state change to k Waiting For Check Points To Run 84dc99d : Trim reference tables when we trim the heap 8ee9643 : Add a way to change the IMT size 56bf0c7 : Disable stack mprotects when running on valgrind bd81854 : Quick compiler: handle embedded switch data.

This release permitted to run compressed games from the memory stick, in CSO format. Still 3 months later, Dark_Ale X released the 3.02 OE firmware.

Also this firmware gained an huge success: it permitted to use the internal Sony Playstation emulator!

Custom firmwares for the PSP has been since 2006, when Dark_Ale X did a proof-of-concept firmware based on the 1.50 version.

He added some extra functionality like autorun an homebrew, a limited recovery mode and so on.

c0440f6 : ART: On shutdown, only warn on mutex contention 90a3359 : Fix exception handling during deoptimization 2397ad7 : Allow preopted apps to have sharpened calls for non-x86 architectures. Resume on partial suspension 797a29b : Fix sigchainlib's implementation of sigaction 0b1b135 : Mute common case Dex Dex Opt Needed log spam 56e7666 : ART: Fix divide-by-zero for ARM 246a013 : ART: Do not JNI abort on nullptr Get Object Ref Type 4489369 : ART: Use interpret-only for vm Safe Mode 634d58a : Pass the real capacity to Create Ros Alloc.

92fbd28 : Use correct handle scope offset from Stack Visitor aa3eff9 : ART: Curb dex2oat verbosity 7f418db : JDWP: fix breakpoint for method in the image b34d505 : Fix infinite loop in Generate Identity Hash Code 12f7423 : Print more info in Mark Sweep:: Verify Root 15a33b3 : ART: Simple structural class check e7227c6 : Fix wide volatile IGET/IPUT on ARM without atomic ldrd/strd. 8a9f004 : ART: Do not compile swap file functionality on Mac d6bd06c : Fix running out of temps when storing invoke-interface result.M33 was widely used as a custom firmware for PSPs, until it was later replaced on newer models by TN HEN and CFW Pro, both of which were based on reverse engineered versions of M33.Despertar Del Cementario was a tool used to unbrick and downgrade PSPs, with the use of the “service mode” batteries.a7ade88 : Add null check for thread name creation d00804c : ART: Prune links in the dalvik cache e225eab : art: Fix classlinker and nopatchoat test for PIC case 4844702 : ART: Add support for patching and loading OAT files compiled with PIC 998ee7d : ART: Add pic flag to oat header store 300590b : dex2oat: Add a --compile-pic option de5ed50 : ART: Prune links in the dalvik cache f2d5564 : Delete unused imtable field f08663b : ART: Fix possible soft hard failure in verifier 17b6b06 : Reduce suspend check threshold 564ff98 : Add hash map, reduce excessive hashing 9ee0f77 : Optimize get/set reflection performance e05d1d5 : Add hash set f0cb1eb : ART: Missing End Timing()s in dex2oat 1bd326a : Fix thread priorities for unstarted threads.1d0611c : ART: Add miranda checking d2bee3d : Check null this pointer for direct methods in Find Method Fast.The knowledge gained on hacking the 1.50 firmware, made it possible for Dark_Ale X to release, 3 months later, the famous 2.71 SE firmware. In fact, most of hacked PSPs, were still running the 1.50 version devhook, to emulate a 2.71 from the memory stick.