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Airlines receive EVUS enrollment information through their internal networks.

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There are a number of things that could be causing you problems.

Please ensure that your computer meets the minimum configuration requirements.

Applicants who receive 10-year B1/B2, B1 or B2 visas from November 29, 2016 onwards will have to enroll before their initial trip to the United States. However, you will be unable to travel to the United States after November 29, 2016 unless you have also enrolled in EVUS.

Enrollment for all applicants will remain valid for two years or until the traveler’s visa or passport expire, whichever comes first. Enrollment in EVUS is separate from the visa application process.

Travelers using other travel documents, including Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, and Taiwan passports may continue to travel to the U. Enrollments generally last for two years or when the traveler’s visa or passport expires, whichever comes first. Information submitted by travelers through the EVUS website is subject to the same strict controls that have been established for similar traveler screening programs as governed by U. Third parties will also be able to review completed applications, update unpaid or approved applications, submit payment for applicants, and view payment receipts.

Chinese holders of 10-year B1/B2, B1 or B2 visas will need to update their information before they intend to travel to the United States (if a two-year enrollment has expired), or when they get a new passport. The traveler is responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of all information submitted on his or her behalf.

CBP anticipates an EVUS enrollment fee will eventually be implemented, but there is currently no time frame for when the fee will be imposed.

Until the fee is implemented, travelers can complete their EVUS enrollment without charge. A friend, relative, travel industry professional, or another third party may submit the required information to EVUS on your behalf.

The Call Center is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, but is closed on U. All EVUS enrollments must be submitted online by the traveler or a third party. EVUS is designed to update a traveler’s biographic and admissibility information on a periodic basis (every two years, or after obtaining a new passport and/or maximum validity (10-year) U. If a traveler is unable to provide answers to the questions in English, they may wish to seek assistance from third parties, such as a trusted friend, family member or travel agent, to complete the form in English on the traveler’s behalf.

Third parties will also be able to review completed applications or approved applications.

EVUS is the online system used by nationals of China holding a 10-year B1/B2, B1 or B2 (visitor) visa periodically to update basic biographic information to facilitate their travel to the United States.