Updating android os

Google has indicated that it will also be pushing out Android updates for those devices as well.

Before you try to update your smartphone, you should check and see which version of Android your device is running.

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Refer to this Android developer page to determine which version of Android your device is running.For example, 4.0.4 corresponds to Ice Cream Sandwich, a version of Android that was released in 2012.This will ensure that you don’t incur any unnecessary data transmission fees, since some software updates can be quite large.Tapping the System Update button should prompt your device to check for and download any available software updates, as seen in the image above. Verify that you have successfully installed the new version of Android by checking your software version under the About Phone menu.While Android may be handily beating Apple and other competitors in terms of market share, the open source operating system is struggling in the battle against malware.

With so many mobile devices running older versions of Android that may still have vulnerabilities to malware, it is especially important for Android users to update their smartphones to the latest version of this operating system.

If you own a smartphone, chances are that your device is running a version of Android, the open source mobile operating system developed by Google.

Besides the many older versions of Google-created Android software, there are also many so-called “forked” versions of Android that have been customized by various smartphone manufacturers.

While Android comes in many different versions on a wide variety of smartphones, most devices should feature a Settings icon on the home screen.

This icon may be in the shape of a cogwheel, a wrench, or slider switches as seen in the image above.

Since those devices were specifically released in order to showcase Google’s unaltered version of Android, your Nexus smartphone should prompt you to upgrade your software whenever a new version is released.