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This is another place where you want to tailor the mix of awards and benchmarks to a job you’re applying for. ” Differentiate this section from the summary at the top by focusing on quantifiable evidence. When you get to your work experience, don’t just list titles and dates. “The only way to make yourself look unique is to dig into what you did beyond the expected,” Nolan says.

Use a few lines of text to weave a story for hiring managers. Statistics are an easy way to prove you did more than the job description demanded.

Are there things people wouldn’t know from your job title?

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Also near the top, catch the hiring manager’s attention by emphasizing your skill set.

Doing so cements the value you can bring to the role, as opposed to what you’re looking for in a job, Leavy-Detrick says.

Bonus tip: If you’re still using a Hotmail or Yahoo account, now’s the time to get a Gmail address — or, if applicable, an email tied to your website.

“Having a Yahoo, AOL, or education-based email address makes you look like you’re living in the past,” says Christy Hopkins, human resources consultant at Fit Small Business.

As you eye different postings, rework this section to emphasize the skills that make the most sense for each (rather than using the same boilerplate language for every job).

Applicant tracking systems, or the software used to scan resumes, look for relevant keywords to move a candidate forward.

Your resume is a selection of your most relevant work history.

If you’re anything beyond an entry-level employee, your internships and other early jobs are taking up valuable space, Smith-Proulx says.

“The point is to highlight what you can’t afford a potential employer to miss …

It’s a high-level overview of your candidacy.” This should also parallel the “Summary” section on your Linked In page, which serves as a virtual resume, says professional resume writer Laurie J. In both places, you’ll want language that calls out some of the achievements and attributes that make you most valuable to an employer.

So much so, in fact, that she asked you to follow up with your resume, because she knows someone who’s hiring. But before you decide which dancing animal GIF accurately sums up your networking victory, you have some work to do.