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I am experiencing a serious lagforce when trying to access the internet in Ubuntu (edgy).

I open up firefox on the comp in the other room and its like instant.

dm restart - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: Video Resolution Howto Evening all, I'm having problems with my xorg.conf, When I boot normally I don't see text,.

but if i boot into console and type startx then everything is fine, does startx use something different then when i normally boot ?

The fact that it's XGL-related shouldn't matter in this particular case because I just want to boot into GNOME without XGL for now, THEN get XGL workingplugwash: Either there should be a way to specify to /etc/network/interfaces, "Don't bother connecting if there's nothing plugged into the ethernet port," which would be ideal, or there should be a way to Ctrl C out of boot plz, im manually resizing partitions for ubuntu, but the partition i want which is in /dev/mapper/ doesnt show up in the "select a disk" part of the install?

i can only see the /dev/sda /dev/sdb etc, thx When I start winecfg for the first time (in a fresh kde session) I can configure it, then I close it and when I try to run it again I get this error : (Kubuntu Edgy Eft 6.10, Nvidia 8776 ) Anyone have an idea ? i am making a fresh installation of edgy elf on my amd64.. and made a /boot B ext3 in sda(sda1), so everything went well and installation continued, until setup had to install the bootloader, then i specify grub to be install there ( /dev/sda )...

and the system automatically detected my devices ... Now, it seems to be hijacking all my system resources, or something - I can't open any other programs, not even the system monitor, not even a terminal; is there a keystroke for emergency kill in Ubuntu, or something like that? thanks -sethk: I suppose I might as well use the Kubuntu CD though..there's no difference.

I know that about a year ago when I had to switch to Windows, I preferred KDE to gnome..liked the feel better. I am testing the live cd right now, both edgy and dapper, but I have a problem. (using gcc test.c and test.c contains hello world)hi ...Can someone help me understand grub a little better?hello, I would like to setup an nfs server for my server to share my files (I did have samba server but am going to use linux for now on).The work is split with editing on Windows and configuration management (bzr) and testing on the guest OS ubuntu.The problem is, I can't find a shared file system method that doesn't screw me over either with ownership, permissions, or stability problems. The script is screwing things up, and I want it gone.It sounds like, perhaps, you don't have the ld program installed that gcc is expecting.