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The United Nations believes that America needs to give the Black Hills (including Mount Rushmore) back to the Sioux Indians, who were forcibly removed from the “sacred land” by the U. The Associated Press writes that: “Anaya said land restoration would help bring about reconciliation. He said restoring to indigenous people what they have a legitimate claim to can be done in a way that is not divisive “so that the Black Hills, for example, isn’t just a reminder of the subordination and domination of indigenous peoples in that country. For those unfamiliar with the geography of South Dakota, the Black Hills happen to include Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial, which is still under construction.

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Included in his report, which was unveiled in Geneva on Friday, is the suggestion that American needs to give the Black Hills back to the Native American tribes that occupied the land before settlers arrived.

Official James Anaya has spent time in the United States analyzing the rights of indigenous peoples and researching suggested ways to reconcile with Native Americans.

(CNN) -- Instant messaging and e-mails are replacing love letters.

Instead of meeting prospects in singles bars or at parties, many people are pursuing the dating game online.

We have to talk to each other about what this really means, when really one of the healthiest forms of vitamin C is somebody looking at you and saying, "You look great." ...

CULLUM: One of the most erotic, exciting things in the entire world is to get a love letter, and that's basically what e-mails are. Why can't people be a little cuter with each other?

BEGALA: Where I used to work, you say that, and boy you had to go to the penitentiary.

CARROLL: You know that's really sad because now we have to go get videos to figure out how to communicate with each other.

For instance the villain has a videophone in his office, videophones being something "we'll all have in a few years time" for about 50 years now.

Also his company has made loads of money developing tiny hand-held pocket radios (can get 'em in Tesco for a pound now, but if Life On Mars is anything to go by not actually around in the 70's), but then he is also in league with the Cybermen so may have been using thier advanced technology.

Also the UNIT agents drive Jaguar mk2's, in the 60's these would have been expensive and luxorious, but by the 70's they where old bangers used for getaway cars, which actually makes the secret agents seem "more sinister" to anybody watching the serial now who has seen The Sweeney XD , 24 October 2007 (UTC) A tax disc seen on a vehicle has the expiry date of June 30, 1999. I'll remove it until I can get confirmation one way or another. -khaosworks , (UTC) I won't move this without checking, but is there any sign that this is anything more than publicity and thus really belongs in the (confusingly titled) "Production notes" along with similar stuff?