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Throughout the centuries the same teachings, the same principles, the same head have remained: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Heb. The Greek Orthodox Church of the Saint Basil is the “same congregation or ecclesia which was born at the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem on Pentecost.

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Although we are one of the major religious groups in the world, we often find that we are not well understood by members of other faiths.The points below represent our response to some of the questions about us: The Orthodox Church is actually a “family” of churches, consisting of many ethnic groups.With this freedom came the problems of establishing the “Whole body of the One Christian Church”; the person of Christ; the Trinity; the Sacraments; Church structure; and the administration of Christ’s Church on earth.In the year 325, the first Ecumenical Synod met in Nicaea.Our Liturgy is the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Visitors are frequently seen at our churches and they are welcome to come and experience Orthodox Christian worship with us. The Saint Basil Greek Orthodox Church is testimony to that word.

In California, and many other states, we are officially considered the fourth major faith.

Catholic is a Greek word that means “according to the whole.” We believe that we profess the Christian Faith in its fullness. Catholic, in the sense of being “Universal,” is also attributed to Orthodox since all people may join.

To properly interpret the Bible one must take the literal parts literally and the symbolic parts symbolically.

Tradition is our guide for telling, which is which.

To receive Holy Communion one must be a baptized and/or chrismated Orthodox Christian, but at the end of the Liturgy, everyone is invited to join the faithful to receive blessed bread from the priest in token of Christian fellowship. The first Church, the Orthodox Church, began with Christ and His apostles.