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I say 'You could have made a decision to arrest me, and now look.

I'm getting paid to blow stuff up.'" "It's one of those great stories where you just have to laugh," Belleci said.

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With no other staff available to respond, Klein drove to the scene himself and soon learned that Belleci was responsible.Klein said he caught wind that Belleci was a special-effects junkie, and after talking with neighbors and even some of Belleci's teachers at Monterey Peninsula College, he paid the family a visit to offer a stern warning.He has worked on "Myth Busters" since the show's debut in 2003, and began earning on-screen credit during the third season.The new season begins Wednesday on The Discovery Channel.Sand City police chief Michael Klein was working as the Seaside Police watch commander at the time.

He remembers the day he got a call of fireworks explosions being set off in town."I had the opportunity to sit down with this young man and his parents, and I had a discussion on what was acceptable in that day and age," said Klein."I understood he had a passion for special effects, and I wanted him to understand how to best do that in a way that it does not result in a dispatched call from law enforcement.But one special-effects stunt involving explosives nearly landed Belleci in jail — and when he got a second chance, he wound up having success in television on the show "Myth Busters." "When I was 19, I made a pipe bomb," said Belleci, now 40, living in the Bay Area and famous for his gutsy stunt work on the popular cable show that aims to demystify Hollywood myths and urban legends.Belleci's become a popular draw on the show, which stars Hollywood special effects professionals Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.To read more of Marc Cabrera's thoughts, visit his blog "The Beat" at