Too accommodating girlfriend bored

When a woman is broken or dealing with insecurities and hurt from past relationships, she doesn't know how to accept or appreciate genuine goodness when it shows up on her doorstep. If you're dealing with hurt or insecurities, allow yourself to fully deal with them.

She needs to work on herself before she can open herself up to you. But don't make him feel like it's him, when it's you.

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“When women say: ‘He’s too nice,’ they typically mean that a man has no boundaries; in other words, it means a woman feels like she has too much control in a way that makes her feel uncomfortable with that guy,” says Jordan Harbinger, a relationship expert in Los Angeles who runs The Artof

“It’s not that women don’t nice men,” insists Clay Andrews, 29, a relationship blogger at The Pathto

“Don’t try and act tough and unreliable in an effort to seem less ‘nice,’ because it will almost certainly backfire — and it won’t ring true for either of you.” Not everyone is used to kind behavior from the opposite sex; perhaps you’re freaking her out by being a gentleman on dates.

“Because of her past experiences — family/boyfriends/etcetera — she could think that she doesn’t deserve to have someone be nice to her,” says Christine Baumgartner, a dating coach in Laguna Niguel, CA.

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Either she’ll get used to being treated with respect and kindness over time, or you’ll have to find someone to date who feels more comfortable with your chivalrous ways.

“When she says, ‘You’re too nice,’ it could mean: ‘I’m not sure that you have ambition.

I honestly never had to tell a guy that, and I wasn’t even sure what a woman could possibly mean by telling another man that.

But we hear it all the time “nice guys finish last”. To me, it wasn’t something that grown folks used in this day and age, simply because, well, you’re grown.

And everyone knows good and well that someone being “too nice” is never actually the real issue.