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Great books often seem effortless, sprung whole from the author’s mind, but the reality of the writer’s craft is much different.Chris Mc Dougall spent years developing the book’s central stories; traveling to Mexico, meeting Caballo Blanco and the Tarahumara, training for and then completing Caballo’s 50 mile race in the Copper Canyons.

He doesn’t repeat much between the two and it’s great to hear some of Born To Run retold in his voice.More recently, in July 2010, Chris gave a talk at the TEDx Penn Quarter conference titled Reinventing Running.I think the ultrarunning approach, if not the races, will come to dominate recreational running.I recognize that I’m a little late in the game to do this project/tutorial.I used neodymium magnets that I picked up from Walmart.

j Query(document).ready(function($){ if($('#sticky_skyscraper').length){ var ss_top = $('#sticky_skyscraper').offset().top; var ss_height = $('#sticky_skyscraper').height(); if($('.social-network-bar').length)else{ var stop_at = $('.I didn’t care for the vase, but what appealed to me was the worth of glass beads inside the vase. If you don’t have glass beads, you can find them at any craft store and even at the dollar store. I then bought a pack of Altoids peppermints, so I could acquire the cute tin.I buy mints and gum for my purse anyhow, so this didn’t seem like an unreasonable expenditure.This means getting creative in many ways to make ends meet. People are still getting married, are still having babies, are still in need of thanking. Granted, it’s not exactly as fabulous as receiving something off of your registry, but I think it’s cute, unique, and classy enough to do the trick in a difficult economy.On one of my recent Goodwill outings, I bought an ugly vase for $.75.I spray painted the tin black and waited for it to dry.