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”“Especially about a sex party she's planning.”Still giggling, Abby asked, “So are we on for tonight? In the bedroom the three of us peeled off our clothes and showered together in the master bath.

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Finally Jeanne said, “Micheal, it's Friday.”I was reading the previous day's college basketball scores in the sports page. As I took a sip of my coffee I noticed that Abby was watching me carefully. Finally Jeanne said, “We'll be home by .”I answered, “I'll be here.”At I heard the garage door open. I hurriedly swept the saw dust and wood shavings into my dust pan, dumped it into the trash barrel, took off my shop apron, hung it on the hook by the door and hurried upstairs.I knew why Jeanne was reminding me that it was Friday. When I stepped into the kitchen Jeanne and Abby were walking in from the garage. As Abby kissed me she gave my crotch a gentle squeeze and whispered, “I hope you're excited about tonight because we certainly are.”Chuckling, I said, “It's all I thought about today.”While they put our sandwiches and potato salad on plates I opened a bottle of red wine.It is Female humiliation forum, owned by Men, run by Men. Female humiliation, collaring submissive slaves, taming and punishment disgraced sluts, torture sex and other BDSM action BDSM, Humiliation of man This forum is for publishing videos of domination and submission play where the dominatrix is a female. This forum is for publishing only female squirting, urine pissing, fart porn and scat videos - Not for maledom or femdom domination clips!!!This is a special femdom section where you can find more of clips of verbal humiliation, BDSM action, Ballbusting, Facesitting, Strapon, Spanking, Scat tortury etc. Other Fetish Board Those with a fetish for something and share videos will make this section their home.As I pulled them on I said, “I'll get everything ready while you two finish putting on your makeup.” Laughing, Abby said, “Jeanne, he really is a crown jewel.”“Yes he is. It was at Corinne Planter's eighteenth birthday party.”I pulled my Polo shirt over my head and said, “That was a long time ago.”“I remember it like it was yesterday.

You were so handsome.”“And you were so beautiful.”“This is like watching the fucking Hallmark Channel and I have to admit that I love it.” Abby laughed.

Two tall, very handsome men in their thirties were standing on the front step.

They were both wearing wool overcoats and i950's style fedora hats.

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Abby had come prepared with an overnight bag so she could go straight into the office with Jeanne without having to stop at her house. ”“Especially because two other guys are going to fuck you tonight.”“Michael, I love you now more than ever.”“And Jeanne I love you more than ever too.”There was silence.