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Water sports such as boating, surfing, swimming and scuba diving on the coast, the beaches and backwaters attract a large number of Sri Lankans and foreign tourists.

The Sri Lanka national cricket team transformed themselves from the underdog status to a major cricketing nation during the 1990s.

Sri Lanka have won the Cricket World Cup in 1996, the ICC Champions Trophy in 2002 (Co-champions with India) and 2014 ICC World Twenty20, and have been runners up in the 2007 Cricket World Cup and the 2011 Cricket World Cup as well as the ICC World Twenty20 in 20.

Cricket is played at professional, semi-professional and recreational levels in the country and international cricket matches are watched with interest by a large proportion of the population.

Cricket was brought to the island by the British and was first played in the 1800s.

There are two styles of martial arts native to Sri Lanka, which are Cheena di and Angampora.

It is one of the ten nations that are full members and take part in test cricket and one of the five nations that has won a Cricket World Cup.

Other popular sports are water sports, badminton, athletics, football, basketball and tennis.

Sri Lanka's schools and colleges regularly organize sports and athletics teams, competing on provincial and national levels.

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The earliest definite mention of cricket in Ceylon was a report in the Colombo Journal on 5 September 1832 which called for the formation of a cricket club.