Speed dating events london

I didn't get any romantic vibes; but I did get some book recommendations.

One guy told me he thought girls who read would be intelligent, and that was a quality he found attractive.Another only read sci-fi - an impenetrable genre for me. I survived our 'date' by making the accurate assumption that he would be into Game of Thrones and wittering on about the TV series.We form a big circle for the Socialising Circle, with ladies standing on the outside and men on the inside.There are 15 mini 3 minute chats when the whistle blows and the men step right to meet the next lady.This is the best way to meet people also if you are looking for that someone special to share your life.

We will be holding the Socialising Circle at 8.15pm so it is best to arrive at 7 - 7.30pm for introductions at the bar beforehand.Obviousy ladies can chat to each other too whilst in the circle.The DJ livens up the music from 9pm so the earlier ice-breakers are a great way to get chatting beforehand.Contact Singles started as a singles social club in London in 1994 and has grown over the years.We have a big following and reach max 250 at our singles parties in bar venues and over 300 at the hotel venues in London with lots of new members constantly joining as our events are shown on 4 different Meet Up groups plus several sites promoting singles events in London.I always carry a book around in the often vain hope that I’ll get around to reading it at some point during the day – and obviously I took one with me to last week’s speed dating evening. Some participants had brought books with them, displaying them as though they were back at school doing 'show and tell'.