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Although an aficionado of young gentlemen who sport the "psychobilly" look - a rock subculture that marries punk style with Elvis-esque quiffs - she says that all she is looking for is someone to make her laugh. "I'm not expecting to run away with somebody lovely, but you never know your luck," he laughs.

"But all the ones I've met have been very nice, very committed people. And who, whatever their position on the political spectrum, could begrudge them that? Add your comments on this story, using the form below. Valentine himself was martyred by the state for his subversive, anti-establishment activities. I think that it's a good idea for these people to be brought together to find love through common interests.They believe in something and they want to find love, just like everyone else. I wouldn't dare suggest that they follow society's mores and get married though.Dance if you want to True, the self-proclaimed "anarcho-speed-dating" evening will be a far cry from most events of its kind.Proceedings at the Cross Kings - a boozer in an as-yet un-gentrified corner of north London - will be overseen by a dominatrix known as Miss Scarlett L'amour.Alex Chesser, Southend Anarchy is the rebellion against society, society is the rebellion against anarchy.

As long as both are around, things will always progress.

Anarchists share few of the beliefs of mainstream society - except the desire to be with someone special on Valentine's Day.

So the once-notorious group Class War is marking 14 February with a speed-dating event. If recession, bad weather and global turmoil aren't enough to make a lonely heart's blood boil, then surely the arrival of 14 February must turn every spinster and bachelor into a committed anti-St Valentine dissident.

"But it's at times like this that you feel a sense of community, and anarchistsbelieve in mutual aid, in helping each other.

"To a lot of people, Valentine's Day is commercial love day.

What strikes me as truly funny is that it's news that anarchists are seeking love, rather than the more strictured people, as there is nothing more anarchic and chaotic than love.