South asian dating website

“Our solution was to develop a dating app for those savvy and sophisticated Indians who have a modern mindset, but who still embrace their culture.” Though there may be some similarities in terms of features—such as swiping and connecting to Facebook—Patel said that Kama is a very different type of dating app than Tinder.“We took an entirely different approach with the design of our application, including discovery filters and communication tools to ensure we attract a higher caliber of users who are really looking to find a genuine connection, not just a hook-up,” Patel said.

* We allow 2-3 years leeway on the age range listed. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for an event the Single in the City host reserves the right to fill your spot.

There are no refunds or credits for people who show up late.

“Besides enabling users to filter by religion or community, we collect education and profession information from our users as a default.

Additionally, we realize how busy our users are, so we set boundaries within the app, such as a 72-hour match expiration and thoughtfully scheduled match opportunities to prevent the overwhelming, cluttered inbox that distracts rather than engages.” According to the Pew Research Center, approximately one in five adults ages 25 to 34 have tried online dating.

* In order to receive your speed dating matches you must create a profile on Single in the City as you will need to log-in to view your matches.

If you do not have a free membership make sure that you create a profile prior to the event that you are attending. * If you are purchasing tickets for friends who are not members, they will receive an email notifying them of the ticket purchase and indicating that they MUST activate their free.

The team is currently developing a version for Android and is accepting names for the wait list on its website. If you know of a South Asian entrepreneur living in the Diaspora, who is ambitious and innovative, let us know!

“We launched to the public a couple weeks ago, so we are hoping to share some success stories in the coming months! We would love to profile and connect with them for our series.

“Our inspiration was to develop an app that enables like-minded South Asians to connect on a reliable, smart platform,” he explained.

In February 2015, six months after that fateful conversation with his friends, Patel and his friend of 10 years, Pinal, co-founded Kama, introducing a free version on Apple’s App Store.

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