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A Sim's gender preference can be checked through use of testingcheatsenabled or with Sim PE.

In The Sims 2: Pets, pets develop relationships with Sims and other pets.

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"Best friend" status was not formally named or recognized, but the lifetime relationship could affect whether or not a social interaction was available, or would be accepted.

Once an adult Sim's daily relationship with another hit 70, a successful romantic interaction between the two would result in a crush.

Whenever two characters interact, they gain or lose "relationship points," based on each character's reaction to the other character.

Relationship points are added or subtracted from the "relationship score," which is used to determine the general status of the relationship between the two characters.

Sims are able to maintain romantic relationships with either gender.

However, each Sim has a preference for each gender, which may be positive or negative.Invite your Girlfriend out on a date by going to the phone, and click 'Invite out' then select her, select a location, and when the date is finished, invite her to your house, sit on the sofa and 'cuddle' use 5 friendly interactions, and the 'propose' or 'propose going steady' option should pop up.A relationship is a shared acquaintance between two characters.I also have the magnetic thingy too, I make friends very easily and in less than 1 afternoon I can find a complete stranger and make her my gf.But the one I really want is only my romantic intrest and my baby mama : P. I wanna raise the kid we had so I can keep my profile going since I achieved my lifetime wish already (The Tinkerer).If the lifetime relationship was at least 70, it would result in love. Once two Sims had any kind of relationship, the lifetime relationship between them would build as they spent time together on the same lot, even if they didn't interact.