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Before we even met, she admitted she’d come to snoop through the windows of my house to check I was above board.The next day I changed my profile to read ‘widowed a few months ago’.

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Maybe she is looking for a rich husband to foot the bill for all those pills she takes?

Paula might have some luck finding a rich young athlete to wed this weekend, if she performs at the Super Bowl, which is the current rumor.

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Disadvantages: Awash with time wasters and internet-dating junkies whose hobby is roaming online dating agencies, but who never want to go on a date.Unified the color for each item on profile/register/setting page10.Sounds like a pretty sweet deal–but when you read between the lines, it seems like this is probably too good to be true.So go ahead and be honest about those kinds of things.If you have a foot fetish or a hardcore drug habit, maybe save that for date number...never.Pretend you’re the person who’s reading your profile.