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Forget HGH, bath salts, jimjams, cockroach or whatever you young people are using to heighten sex these days.

There is nothing more adrenaline-inducing and endorphin-triggering than doing the dirty on camera.

It didn’t just awaken the sexual beast in my wife and I, it made me a better person, husband, neighbour, friend and entrepreneur.

But when my wife and I decided to broadcast our sex life, we were met with judgment.Trollers on our site would call us “perverts” or “fat pigs”, but we kept broadcasting, and today have a loyal following of over 132 fans.But when the camera is off and the mood hits us just right (like when we’re washing the car or doing house work), then we know it’s time for dirty business to become sweet, sweet love making.I light candles, put on some early Dannii Minogue and it’s on.There’s a beautiful and cathartic simplicity in that.

If I have nothing to hide, then I have no reason to lie, no reason to put up walls that keep people from getting to know the real me, ass speckles and all.

Word got around, morale skyrocketed, and today most of my employees watch us on a daily basis.

We’re even entertaining the notion of doing a “shoot” on the factory floor on a mountain of tomato sauce packets (they would all be disposed of afterwards, I assure you). When we’re on camera, we’re doing it like champs and chimps. It’s fun and exciting and full of all types of primal craziness.

Obviously, we were novices and didn’t share our secret with locals.

But when one of my employees showed up at my home with some paperwork for me to sign and caught my wife and I in latex body suits, I had to explain myself.

Imagine the feeling that you get when you steal an expensive DSLR camera from Dick Smith (RIP) and step outside without the alarm going off.