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Sex, Lies and Soul Ties is a comprehensive guide to understanding the soul and how it responds to soul ties.This powerful and informative guide will help you understand: •The makeup of your body, spirit and soul •The reason so many marriages end in divorce •The truth about premarital sex •Why it takes a long time for some people to meet their God-ordained spouses •How to enjoy the best sex ever with your God-purposed spouse •How to be set free from ungodly soul ties •And much more Once you read Sex, Lies and Soul Ties, your eyes will be opened to the truth and you will never be the same again! She is the author of more than 20 self help books, and she is the founder of Wise Her Still and Wise Him Up. Buckner is one of today's most sought after ministry branders.I've read all of her other books, although I absolutely hated her Chinooks series, and regret spending the money on them.” Cerulean says, “Truly, Madly… I've read this book 6 times already.” Now, usually when I compile these lists, I highlight the book that have received the most mentions or recommendations, and link to the complete thread as well.

It's all Southern charm and Champagne between the sheets until a psychotic stalker sets his sights on completing an unfinished grudge.

Carefully planning, Hector Quintes has patiently waited to crash Mac and Samantha's happily ever after.

Third, isn't it kind of fascinating that Gibson's covers come in three major flavors: Big Words and a Band of Something, Ugly Cartoons, and Legs? Here are the most recommended books by Rachel Gibson: Sex, Lies and Online Dating ( A | BN | K | S) (ebook .99) Several readers recommended starting with this one.

Pamiam says, “It is the first of a 4 book series and it is a series that I will read again.” KSattler says it's her favorite in the Writer Friends series.

It's a deadly game of cat and mouse, but who is chasing whom?

Kris is a former copywriter and PR mercenary, who after some coaxing, began writing novels. She’s married to the man of her dreams, who just happens to be a fabulously talented composer.

But Mac's years of bringing down drug lords and psychotic criminals is about to catch up with him just as he's resigned himself to leave it all behind.

Finally getting the husband and family she's longed for, Sam finds that life at Mac's plantation, Lone Oak, is a Southern girl's dream full of romance, love, lipstick and pearls.

The number of people recommending the first two in the Chinook series, as well as the whole series, was pretty damn impressive.

Bnbsrose says, “It's like picking your favorite child!

When readers who don't normally read contemporary ask me for a recommendation, it's usually the one I name.” And Rita gives a huge recommendation: “It's one of my go-to books when I get in a reading slump.