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This way you will know at a glance which sources you have consulted for a particular surname, thus preventing a time consuming duplication of research.

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Many genealogists also carry a smaller pocket size for jotting down notes and information when traveling.I should like to say a word about that common combination, pencil and paper.You may even have a Mayflower ancestor or a first family of Virginia.Compiling a genealogy requires care, skill and labor. If you make these tests and exercise this care, you can call yourself a genealogist. (Sons of the American Revolution), or some other patriotic society. Or, finally, the aim may be simply the fun connected with research - the pure joy of the search and interest in uncovering unusual things.The purpose of this book is to help you in the search for your ancestors by pointing out many short cuts and proven methods of research. One man that I met, for example, became a member of the Mayflower Society through an ancestor who, it turned out, was the first man hanged for murder in Plymouth.

These are tricks of the trade that I have acquired after many years of genealogical research. Undaunted, he maintained his family pride even when he learned that the murderer's son, Francis, was sent to jail for drinking (that is, smoking) tobacco on the highway.

Such a happy combination is impossible if, through bad organization, the first two were not accessible when you found the third.

REMEMBER, RETAIN ALL PERTINENT DATA AND FILE IT IN AN INTELLIGENT, ORGANIZED MANNER SO THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIND IT WHEN YOU NEED IT! One eight-and-a-half by eleven inches in size is preferable because it is not only convenient to carry, but you can insert and rearrange all your correspondence, typewritten papers, photostats and other valuable notes and papers with a minimum of trouble.

BEFORE YOU START In starting out in genealogical research you must be aware of one important fact.

It is this: that before you finish with your search you will have acquired a huge heap of notes, manuscripts, pictures, photostats, maps and even strange little penciled scraps of paper that came from goodness knows where.

Pencil is all right for temporary notes, but eventually, smudging will result in loss of legibility or even in complete obliteration.