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When shown the attorney general's opinion by a Tribune reporter, Clark said he was concerned the vote was improper and said the public should have been told the settlement costs.Howard, a spokesman for the mayor, said the matter was handled appropriately and legally, and there was no attempt to cover up the settlement.Moments earlier, the four — a majority of the City Council — tried to force through a measure to fight corruption in the scandal-plagued suburb, giving the Cook County sheriff broad powers to review...

Court records show that Harvey required, as part of the deal, that the rape victims keep secret how much they were paid.Harvey quickly released most of the figures to the Tribune after the newspaper filed a Freedom of Information Act request.A Harvey lawyer, Benjamin Jacobi, also said in a court filing last week that the terms represented a significant step by the suburb."Not only are the plaintiffs receiving a lot of money to benefit them each personally, but the citizens of Harvey are obtaining an obligation from Harvey to provide more training and awareness to sexual assault cases.The training aspect of the settlement agreement is of profound value to the public," Jacobi wrote in a filing last week.They alleged police at times failed to take basic reports, submit rape kit evidence or arrest suspects implicated by evidence.

Many cases were solved only after Cook County prosecutors, in what that office termed a raid, seized untested evidence and separately investigated the cases.

Even in settling the cases, there remained debate about the extent of the evidence against Harvey.

Harvey stressed that a judge, in a pretrial opinion, found no officers could be individually held liable for any wrongdoing.

Kellogg has defended his Police Department and said crime reports are down.

He called the aldermen's criticism politically motivated and has said the Tribune is biased.

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