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At another point to punish her, while she was bent over, he commanded her to remove her pantyhose and panties and then masturbated onto her buttocks from behind her.He threatened to fire her (with his own growing feelings of disgust and shame) - and eventually she was terminated.

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When Sandrine was fired (for refusing to turn tricks for the club's sleazy manager), Nathalie also quit as a symbol of solidarity.

Both lived together and embarked on a campaign of man-baiting vengeance.

The film ended with Gwen in Van Wilder's arms during a graduation pool party: Controversy swirled around director Adrian Lyne's re-making of Lolita (1997) with 17 year-old blonde starlet Dominique Swain as the title character - a tempting nymphet nicknamed 'Lolita' - because of the under-aged actress' sex scenes with co-star Jeremy Irons.

Now five years later, Swain starred in this cheaply-titillating, sexy teen thriller by director Zoe Clarke-Williams - actually made in 1999 and kept on the studio's shelf.

In another scene, he had Lee lean over a desk as he spanked her to punish her for a small typo error that he had marked with his thick red pen.

Afterwards, she stimulated herself to orgasm in the ladies' room.

He demonstrated control over her life by appealing to her vulnerable, masochistic and submissive tendencies through various mind-games and physical humiliations (i.e., a slave-like dog collar, or pretending that she was a horse with a saddle on her back and carrot in her mouth).

She even climbed into a dumpster to look for a file.

In the film's conclusion, Lee walked out during a wedding dress fitting in preparation for marrying childhood friend Peter (Jeremy Davies) who couldn't satisfy her peculiar sexual needs.

She returned to Edward's office, where she confronted him, She then demanded: "I want to make love." He ordered that she sit at his desk with her palms extended and resting on the desk, until further notice.

As a result of this film, a number of actresses in the film brought a real-life sexual harassment suit against the director (and in 2005, he was found guilty of sexually harassing young actresses who were persuaded to masturbate while auditioning for parts).