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Urim is one of the handful of shifty salesmen whose showroom is a bumpy field outside the Albanian port of Durres.

They have more than 100 stolen cars for sale and most of them are Mercedes, polished to a mirror-shine by young boys while would-be buyers haggle over prices.

Yet last year only three new cars were registered; down even on the paltry 99 the year before that, according to official figures.

The newly elected Socialist government has shown little more desire than its predecessor to halt the wholesale import of stolen cars.

Some MPs even claim that the growth in Mercedes ownership is a barometer of the nation's prosperity and therefore of the government's success.

a ne treba nisto posebno da se objasnuva sto albanskata mafija podmituva najvaznite politicari vo svetot ...znaat koj se a tie za pari se pravat ke ti izreziraat se i ke napravat pricina za da zastanat na stranata na toj sto plaka ....t.e pravdata e kaj toj sto podmituva.

So ovaa fotografija site zasegnati strani treba da gi bombardiraat site svetski novinarski agencii. Site televizii i novinari se dldisani po saradata os t.n. Nikoj niti od politickiot vrv, niti pak nekoj od novinarite ne se pretrgna da gi komentira separatistickite govori na Bedzeti i onoj drugiot od Kicevo.

Stramota od stranata na EU -NATO i BRISEL sto dozvoluvat vakvi glluposti.

HIS NAME is Urim and he can offer you a red pounds 25,000 Mercedes, less than one year old, for pounds 5,000.Dealers are reluctant to open up shop in Albania, so spare parts are hard to come by.Most are sold at roadside stalls, and they have usually been stolen from other Mercedes.The cars, often with very few miles on the clock, are usually taken from German cities such as Frankfurt, Munich and Bonn but also from Switzerland, Italy and Greece.British cars are targeted less because they are right- hand drive but there are prestigious exceptions; two years ago a stolen British-owned gold-coloured Rolls-Royce was spotted being driven into Albania from the Greek border, after the customs officers had been paid off."In Albania you're a mug if you buy a Mercedes legally," said Urim, giving the green Mercedes' bonnet an affectionate pat.