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You see, the whole program is about making her to do anything for you… There is also some good content from other dating coaches I like including Bobby Rio, Zach Browman and Carlos “Bad Boy” Xuma…

I think most guys reading this would like to learn how to make a woman want to do ANYTHING for them, especially if they could get this effect without being a weirdo manipulator.

There you are, sharing a perfectly pleasant and possibly even downright fun moment with a woman. Published: November 17, 2009 It's easy to assume that all of us know exactly what we want in a partner.

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Scot is now a happily married man, with young children…definitely different from the PUA type of dating experts we’ve seen so much of.My passion is helping you experience the power and payoffs of partnership by understanding and appreciating the opposite sex so you can feel safe, confident and understood in your personal, professional and family partnerships.If you get on Twitter and practice, you’ll have a MAJOR ADVANTAGE compared to other guys when it comes time to pinpoint something cool in a woman’s profile, ask her the right question about it in your first e-mail to her, and call her to action in getting her to write back.Since then he has put out several dating and relationship guides for men and he has a newsletter that I believe comes out daily that I have subscribed to for years.

So as the story goes, Scot was married fairly young, got divorced and had to reteach himself the skills needed to be awesome with women, he was heavily into online dating and is, as far as I know the only well known dating expert who actually met his wife online.

More from Scot Mc Kay Published: October 10, 2011 Sooner than later when you get a new girlfriend, you're going to be meeting her friends.

In all likelihood, they'll actually end up being around quite a bit..that's precisely why you've got to know how to interact with them successfully.

Known for his top-10 ranked podcast on i Tunes "The Chick Whisperer", Scot and Emily are both available for private consultation.

Having been featured and/or consulted by over 200 media outlets worldwide, Scot is a frequent collaborator with other well-known dating experts--notably as a guest on David De Angelo's "Interviews With Dating Gurus" series.

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