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As opposed to not so active one of which unfortunately I was a member of when learning to sail 20 years ago.

And they were 2-3 blocks apart but I just didn't know about it at the time.

either because they like it that way or they have little choice as they don’t have a partner who sails or can’t find suitable crew ...

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Used it eight years ago not expecting to date anyone but met a great lady living on her 24 ft Pacific Seacraft Dana. Convinced her of the benefits of my Island Packet 45 over her Dana, married her, encouraged her to retire, sold her Dana & have been full time cruising together the last 6 years from Florida thru western Caribbean to Cartagena, Columbia, Panama Canal, Ecudaor & up west coast of Central America to Mexico. I didn’t have anyone to share the amazing things I witnessed, the sea creatures the sunsets and sunrises.This is what I tell them: No more lawn maintenance, you can leave and take your house and belongings with you when your sick of your neighbours, no more knocks on the door at 3am to "crash" at your pad, no traffic jams, stop lights etc; ...... Register now for FREE to search through our database of thousands of Sailing Personals by zip code, fitness category, keywords or recent activity.

You’ll soon understand why thousands of active singles join our community every week!

Are there any dating sites where people alone on the ocean can meet like minded souls to share their love of sailing in a romantic way. I know more than a few people who initially met while being members of the sailing club with very active social life.

Old school "meet your mate while doing what you love" still works.

There are always skippers going off shore or extended cruising looking for crew too.

Look on the notice boards at sailing clubs or in sailing magazines.

We have a database full of sailing singles all passionate about sailing and looking to meet for sailing dates.