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Additionally, persons with neurological or vestibular impairment, would be expected to fail some of the more difficult variants.

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The Romberg test (not Rhomberg test), is a simple and commonly used method of quantifying balance (Rogers, 1980).It is also very flexible because its difficulty can be adjusted to fit most patient situations.Rather there is a reliance on neuropsychological type tests.We find this peculiar as one would think that persons who have imbalance would not be safe to return to play.Generally 6 seconds is considered normal, although many individuals can stand this way for far longer periods.

It is prudent for the examiner to stand next to the patient, with hands next to the patient's shoulders, in case the patient starts to fall in any direction.

It is important to note that if a subject can perform the hardest test -- e.g.

the ECTR successfully, there is no need to also check for easier variants.

The "Head-shake Romberg test" is a variant where the core test is performed while the patient is shaking their head in the horizontal plane.

This makes the test more sensitive to vestibular disorders (Reicke, 1992).

Sometimes the descriptive term "eyes closed" is changed to "sharpened" (e.g. We think this is unfortunate as it does not clearly describe what was done.