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It's a fallacy that everyone gets on together on a movie set.

This TV construct in which young people take their clothes off and copulate, underlines a serious erosion of quality and a scary tone.

Theatre in Glasgow this week features the Railway Children, which contains a the pivotal scene in which teenage Bobbie rips off her bloomers to warn the train driver of disaster ahead.

This suggests not only a real worry about where television is going at the moment, but rather where it’s taking us, which is to Hell in a handcart - because TV is setting the morality line. Now, before accusations of sounding like the illegitimate son of Mary Whitehouse (yes, an oxymoron) abound, look at the recent evidence in which ITV2’s Love Island couples, (who all look like pole dancers or gym instructors) are manipulated into sexual game play.

Yes, television has been serving us up increased amounts of moral ambiguity in recent years, in the likes of Breaking Bad, BBC’s dark, sex comedy Fleabag and comedy-drama White Gold (the ‘C’ word sprinkled like vinegar on a drunk’s fish supper). In the early days of Big Brother congress was a possibility, now it’s a hoped for inevitability.

But the danger is the 4.2m audience (with its young demographic) assume it’s perfectly fine to go on national telly, have sex and pick up 50k prize money. And although Ofcom can’t respond to complaints because of post-watershed screenings and warnings, that doesn’t negate TV’s responsibility.

One of the Love Island contestant’s mothers declared herself proud of her daughter who’d had TV sex on the box. There was a day when mother’s declared pride only at school prize giving when the Charlotte Bronte book token was handed over. But what really crosses the morality line is the hypocrisy of some television producers.

Nearly a decade on, Roberts described Nolte as a "disgusting human being", leading Nolte to respond that "she's not a nice person".

Worst of all, the movie that was spat out at the end of it all was an arduous mess.

WHEN Renee Zellwegger’s character in the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire looked wistfully at Tom Cruise’s pleading face and declared ‘You had me at hello’ the line implied delightful romantic enchantment.