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As I said before, that person knows who she is and knows she would be thee girl in another lifetime. However, if we are to take this at face value, wouldn’t it be safe to say that these thoughts would have crossed my mind and weighed heavily on me as I made my decision, or prevented me from getting to that point I was so desperately trying to find?

You get mad at me because I said, “I love you” and then broke up with Tara, but it wasn’t said back. How can you villainize Melika when I say, “I love you” and she doesn’t say it back, but hail Tara as a hero when it’s the exact same thing? Why did you all love me during my original run during Married at First Sight? I don’t have an answer, but I hope that it’s something that some of you will take to heart.

No matter what I have said to this point, it probably doesn’t make a difference. Thank you @kimberly_birch for helping me ring in my birthday the best way possible and for all the love and support during this #mafssecondchances playback. #marriedatfirstsight #mafs #mafs2c #iwannamarryharry #wellmaybenot #braves #suntrustpark #babe #blessedaf A post shared by David Norton (@therealdavenorton) on Maybe it was nothing more than a kind shout out to a friend that I care deeply about (you can love friends) and has been there for me recently? You’ll tell the story of what you want to be reality. That’s why people love reality TV, it’s not cut and dry and linear like a scripted TV show or movie… Like I said before, there are two sides to every story, and then what really happened, which is somewhere in the middle.

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I recently posted a picture on my Instagram account. You don’t think that it wouldn’t cross my mind that I waited 5 years to say this to this person and it took a TV show for her to date me?Is the person in the post the person I referenced in my last blog? I am not accusing Tara of this AT ALL, I don’t think she did any of this; this is just an example to prove a point.If you didn’t watch or comment as much as you do, you wouldn’t be enjoying it. So, good or bad, that level of engagement in my story made me happy.It’s why if someone sees me on the streets, they come up to me and say “I hate how you’re acting right now on the show, but I can’t stop watching!I knew sitting on the couch at the reunion that she was the one that I was supposed to end up with. I wanted love, but I also wanted to give them- and you, the fans, a great new TV show. Because they have given me so much, I wanted to come through for them.

Maybe that was a little misguided, but it’s where my head was at the time.I know many are now asking why I didn’t just quit…especially once I found out about the messages and having to try and force myself to feel something genuine in this environment.Listen, I felt terribly for all those women, but I couldn’t just quit. Two, I wanted it so bad and was so hoping that I would get to that point somewhere down the line. So when we reached the end, I couldn’t force it anymore.Honestly, looking back on it now, I probably should have brought her back though. I always talk about that ex factor and the second she walked into that room at speed dating, I knew.I knew when I made the decision not to bring her back that it was the wrong one to make. It wasn’t fair to the other women who have gone through so much, but it also wasn’t fair to Maya because those were not my words and what happened to her is so unfair. I love the people at Kinetic, just like I love the people at Lifetime, FYI and A&E. That is why I felt (maybe unfairly) an insane amount of pressure to deliver for them.It’s impossible to make a decision on who I get to spend the rest of my life with when there are so many different women around and you get very limited alone time during the process. For example, I went on a great date with Isabella at mini-golf. There were also some incidents with some independent contractors who were on set. I don’t know why it was decided to show this and not that, but that’s not my call and above me pay grade.