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In common with most early Martini actions, the trigger on the 12/15 was not adjustable other than by careful fettling of the sear and bent engagement.

We found this example of the BSA 12/15 in a gunshop and, although it had been privately owned, it proved ideal to illustrate avid Parish 's points about the club 12/15. If there is a nick or burr at the muzzle or any cord wear from a pull-through, then this must be seen to by somebody who knows what they are doing.It was basically in good condition, but required a few detail points of attention as outlined in the article. If there is any wear at the muzzle it should be shortened and recrowned.As other rifles became available, including the American Winchester 52 and Remington 37 bolt-action target rifle models with fine adjustable triggers, rules were relaxed and there came a requirement for lighter triggers on the old Martini target rifles - simply as a post-war ( 1939-45) economic expediency. Century historic Service, Classic Veteran Classes you don't! , for those who do not know, a device attached to the side of the rifle to hold cartridges.Parker-Hale produced a modification to permit trigger adjustment. I used to think they were all right, but learnt that they were a nuisance 25 years ago. If there is an ancient handstop with a strap over the barrel throw it away or give it to the chap who looks after the club archives.Never leave the barrel dry but fire a few rounds through it, or clean before the evenings shooting, or oil lightly until next time when this oil must be dried out.

Look at the breech end of the barrel where it acts as an anvil for the firing pin. However the metal may be able to be peened to repair the damage.For many years, the minimum trigger weight permitted by the rules of the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs, was 3 lbs. However the biggest failing of those that I have observed is neglect. Very nice for carrying the rifle over your shoulder but not much good for anything else.This was mainly because any attempt to lower the trigger weight of a Martini action below certain limits resulted in an unsafe firearm that could be unintentionally fired by only a minor jolt. "Inner cleanliness comes first", so a well known advertisement says; so when was the last time your club rifles were cleaned, with solvent and if necessary a bronze brush? The Martini action is very easy to clean, and also gets very dirty in areas where we don't want dirt. Is there anything that can be removed from the rifle before we add anything to it? Take it off and hide it where nobody is likely to find it in a hurry.(Not in 21st.On a bolt action rifle rod wear in the lead and on the edge of the chamber can occur if a rod guide is not used.Any bad wear in the barrel is expensive to put right, as shortening at the breech involves a lot of work and if the barrel is this bad it is not worth spending a lot of money on the rifle, as it could well be more than the cost of replacing it with another rifle with a better barrel.To make any adjustment properly, it was still necessary to remove the action from the rifle, drift out the falling-block and extractor fulcrum pins, make the adjust with the now accessible slotted screw, and reassemble. Give it to the chap in the last paragraph who had the handstop. Using a long screwdriver ensure that the butt Is securely fitted by tightening the stock bolt. If, however, it is still loose see if a few washers under the stock bolt head do the trick or see if the stock is loose in the socket in the action body.