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But after that it'll work fine as a (somewhat bulky) 1080p camera.

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Hey thanks for the updates...working on other things the last few days.

Is this adequate as well then, an HDMI HDTV camera? The shape is a bit odd, and the seller indicates that he has no remote either.

It's a teleconferencing service Cisco tried a few years ago and shut down last year. I'm seeing the entire units for about on Amazon, and the 1080p cameras for - on e Bay.

I have one (my sister worked at Cisco and got one for our parents, which I inherited as random broken tech gear when Cisco shut the service down).

I just tried plugging the HDMI straight into my TV and it works (even the microphone works if you wanted sound). So-so in low light (I'm seeing some motion blurring).

I believe it also has zoom and pan capability, though I'm not sure how to access it without the remote (I'm not sure where I put it).When another application has control over the camera, VSee can't connect to it and thus not display your video.Often this happens because Skype, Facetime, Hangouts or other video applications have not released the camera control.) of the camera's HDMI output might not match the TV's input, and live feeding MAY NOT WORK...something along those lines. Will most cameras with an HDMI output successfully live feed to a TV's HDMI input? If all you need is clean HDMI out and 6 to 7 feet of cable, you might want to try a 1080p webcam with a tripod mount and HDMI output like this 4 Logitech.For what you're trying to do, you don't need all of the cost and complexity represented by a camcorder. Bill I don't think we even need to go wireless though.I was thinking HDMI also, but ur the first to mention it.