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Mais Kick-Ass s'associe bientôt à d'autres délirants copycats décidés eux aussi à faire régner la justice.Parmi eux, une enfant de 11 ans, Hit Girl et son père Big Daddy, mais aussi Red Mist.

Curry John Di Santi Robert Nadder This is the story of Darcy and Stan, two high school students ready for success.They have solid careers in mind, she will be a journalist, he plans on studying architecture at Cal Tech and they seem destined for success.Adam Webb (Batinkoff), the moody, much-tattooed lead singer for a semi-legendary group called Wendigo, seems conspicuously underwhelmed while hyping the upcoming release of the newly reunited band’s first new recording in years.Could be that his mind is on graver matters: The album is supposed to drop in just a few weeks, on his 37th birthday — the very day he has vowed to kill himself, as punishment for his role in his kid brother’s death years earlier.Even so, despite his guilt, despair and suicidal ambitions, Adam isn’t yet immune to the charms of a lovely lady like Jemma Johnstone (Scottie Thompson), whom he meets cute backstage at the Roxy Theatre after a Wendigo concert.

All it takes is one brief encounter for the gloomy rocker to start smiling and forget — albeit briefly — the past that is, quite literally, haunting him.

Sorte de The Dark Knight en pleine crise d'adolescence, mettant le paquet dans l'immaturité revendicative, le f Kick-Ass aurait pu être qu'un simple défouloir à première vue, plombé par un humour américain assez lourd.

Au lieu de ça, nous avons un véritable amoncellement de séquences tout simplement jubilatoires, où l'on rit de bon coeur en ressentant quelques frissons grâce à une mise en scène musclée.

Rather than a predictable offering that shows everything just peachy and lovely, "For Keeps" tackles many of the downsides of their predicament and as such defies expectations and elevates itself above most teen targeted pictures.

Watching the two work to turn their new reality into some semblance of their dreams is amazing.

Le parrain de la mafia locale, Frank D'Amico, va leur donner l'occasion de montrer ce dont ils sont capables...